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Indian Health Organisation (IHO) is one of India’s leading healthcare benefits company enabling people to effectively manage their health and lead a happy life.


With an aim to make quality health care affordable and accessible, IHO discounted prepaid health packages provide access to quality preventive and health solutions.






With a high level of service standards and highly qualified medical network offers standardized and transparent concessional rates across hospitals, diagnostic centers, nursing homes, pharmacies, home care providers and clinics.


Indian health organization was looking for a such a lead management solution which makes easy to their organization to verify the registered and unregistered user to deliver the membership code directly on their mobile phones. At the current stage, Indian health organizations used various verification methods to form the complete process for delivering the membership code to their customer such as through bulk SMS.


They were maintaining the database manually for registered/unregistered users, due to which, it leads to missing out the phone numbers, which is a simply lost decision.






To meet all its requirements, Indian health organization gave this special Task to Orevento Communications Pvt Ltd. The challenge for us was to provide a straightforward solution for the verification process by the missed call alerts without incurring any cost on to their customers and to build a clean database of substantive users.


A platform was provided that enables to run a miss call campaign for building incomprehensible decision, primarily based business solutions. Furthermore with no further package or hardware was needed or ne’er charge for client verification required to make a loyal and verified client base. When the customer gives a missed call with their respective mobile number, our automated system directly rejects the call after one ring and finds the related information in the database.


If the mobile number matches the number fed in the database, the application sends an automotive SMS consisting of the membership code, and if the missed call is received against the unregistered mobile number application sends an acknowledgment SMS containing the URL to get the user registered.


One Ring displays the detailed MIS report along with the Caller Number, Time, Location, and Operator. Simultaneously, the interface also displays the detailed Auto-reply logs sent to each caller number.






Adopting OneRing’s solution saves a lot of time for IHO’s team. It does not burden both the retailer and the customer with any costs. It provides easy access to the account details. It helps them to keep the information of registered/unregistered users updated. Lead management becomes very easy.


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