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SMAAASH is one of India’s acclaimed gaming and entertainment centers for sports, virtual reality, music and dining into an immersive, evolved, interactive and innovative social experience


for family, friends and children alike. SMAAASH renowned in the field of sports simulation technology and proprietary gamification technologies such as a unique twilight bowling zone, motor racing, and bike racing simulators, being a virtual reality led entertainment gaming.






SMAAASH was looking for a lead management solution that makes it easy for their visiting customer’s at their center and can deliver the coupon code directly on their mobile phones and can be later used for their tied up restaurants to redeem the welcome drink and free virtual reality games.


At current stage SMAAASH used various method of delivering the coupon codes,  promote the packages, deals and offers to their customer such as through bulk SMS, Email, reaching out directly with telephone, and were maintaining the database manually,  due to which, it intermittently happens that it may lead to arise a situation missing out the potential customer.


Providing a 24/7 human service facility for each call was not possible. Therefore, a system was required, which can provide round the clock service with its virtual presence.






To meet all its requirements, SMAAASH has chosen Orevento Communications Pvt Ltd as a technology and outsourcing partner.


The challenge for us was to provide the innovative solution of missed call alerts through our platform OneRing. It proved to be the simplest way to capture leads without incurring any additional CAPEX and generate genuine leads which help the business to flourish with a minimal amount of investment.


OneRing service with its cloud-based service has developed a customized app to meet all the requirements of SMAAASH with a single screen approach.






After the implementation of the solution, Smaash Entertainment Pvt Ltd decreased the chances of missing hot leads. Their customer engagement increased by up to 50% which in turn reflected in the increased revenue streams.


Brand Awareness strategies could be many but an impactful strategy will find its way when clubbed with innovation. Using different channels to increase brand awareness and their effectiveness is one thing. Knowing exactly what contributes to the growth of your brand is the key factor. And that is what Smaash Entertainment achieved through Orevento Communications Pvt Ltd.



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